Soulcraft A-Series: Slider 6.0

Soulcraft A-Series: Slider 6.0

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We should have named this one “The Smile Maker” because everyone who rides the Slider ends up with a huge smile. For the purest looking to rekindle the days of walking the nose, The Slider allows you to get deep in a mellow wave of bliss and relax. We could go on and on about all of the high level design that went into this one, but all that matters is that it brings a whole new style of surfing to your quiver that very few boards can offer and recovers from spots in the wave that are almost impossible to get back from on shorter performance boards.

  • Performance Focus: Novice - Expert
  • Nose: Round
  • Tail: Squash
  • Fin Setup: Single / Thermotec
  • Rocker: Low
  • Construction: Epoxy / Poly / PVC
  • Available Lengths: 6’0”
  • Includes: Board / Traction / Fin


    Board Fitment and Sizing

    80-130 LBS. / 5'2"-5'6"

    Smaller riders who have a narrower stance width and lighter weight range find confidence with the performance of a smaller volume and shorter length.

    Board Fitment and Sizing

    130-200 LBS. / 5'6"-6'2"

    Middle weight riders who ride with an average stance width and complimentary weight excel in this range of volumes and lengths.

    Board Fitment and Sizing

    210-260 LBS. / 6'2"-6'6"

    Patriarch riders who require large stance widths and matching weight find added buoyancy from our larger volumes and lengths.

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    Handcrafted in Oceanside, CA

    Every Soulcraft is handcrafted by a team of authentic shapers, builders and artisans - not an overnight "designer".

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