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Angie Viland

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9 Years


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Super AV

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Switch Alley Oop


For more than 10 years, Angie has enjoyed wake surfing competitively around the world. With over 70 competitions, including 9 World Championships - 2020 will be Angie’s 8th season as a Soulcraft Team rider.  

Angie is one of those personalities that continues to push the sport further every year she rides. For 2020, she’s more excited than ever to continually push herself as a competitive athlete and is a committed advocate for the sport of wake surfing. When she met Jeff Waller’s nearly a decade ago, she never imagined she’d have her initials adorn one of the best boards in the sport. Angie and husband Mike operate Wakesurf AZ with a long history of coaching countless riders experience the joy of wake surfing and unlocking new skills to help progress them into new tricks every season.

We’re proud to have contributed to her success and are even more excited to have her remain such a strong part of the Soulcraft team.

Current Board

Super AV

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