Dan Koziak

Home Town

Littleton, MA

Years Surfing



Men's Outlaw

Current Board


Favorite Trick

Heelside Alley-oop


Dan started wakeboarding in 2015 behind his father-in-laws Malibu, equipped with a fly-high pole.  After a while he thought “there’s got to be a bigger wave”. At a boat show in Boston, he was introduced to the G23 and the sport of wakesurfing. “I can remember getting up the first time, and thinking this is way less painful than wakeboarding, I should stick to this” he says, and the obsession began.

After trying countless boards over the first year, he came across a Soulcraft and never looked back.  Working with Jeff on board fitment and style accelerated his riding abilities the following season. It was not until he spent a few days getting lessons from Mike and Angie Viland that his riding really took off. “The foundational work you learn with them really opens up your riding abilities as you progress. They are such amazing coaches.”

In his first year of competing in 2020, Dan was able to finish 10th overall in the Men’s amateur division.  He’s looking forward to putting the SuperFly on the scene in the Outlaw division where he hopes the competition will push his riding even further. His favorite part of the sport is when he helps a new rider drop the rope, get in the sweet spot and smile from ear to ear.  It never gets old.

Current Board


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