Dylan Ayala Pro Model Wakesurf

Dylan Ayala Pro Model Wakesurf

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Introducing the Dylan Ayala Pro Model Wakesurf by Soulcraft: Elevating Performance on the Waves

Soulcraft is proud to announce the latest addition to our lineup of premium wake surfboards, the Dylan Ayala Pro Model. Crafted in collaboration with professional wake surfer Dylan Ayala, this board is being designed to push the boundaries of performance and style on the water.

Unmatched Performance: Engineered for maximum agility and responsiveness, the Dylan Ayala Pro Model boasts a finely tuned shape and construction. Its innovative design allowing for lightning-fast maneuvers, sharp turns, and effortless carving, giving riders the ultimate control and confidence to dominate any wave.

Precision Craftsmanship: Each Dylan Ayala Pro Model is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans at Soulcraft. Utilizing the finest materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we ensure uncompromising quality and performance in every board. From the sleek contours to the precision-finishing touches, every detail is meticulously executed to perfection.

Tailored for Dylan Ayala's Style: Designed in close collaboration with professional wake surfer Dylan Ayala, the new Pro Model will reflect his expertise and vision for the perfect ride. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate enthusiast, the Dylan Ayala Pro Model will deliver the performance and versatility needed to elevate your skills and take your riding to new heights.

Join the Soulcraft Movement: Experience the thrill of wake surfing like never before with the Dylan Ayala Pro Model by Soulcraft. Embrace the passion, precision, and performance that define our brand and join us in redefining what's possible on the waves.

Pricing: Dylan Ayala Pro Model will be designed to a price range of $1400-1500 depending on final build specs Dylan selects.

Availability: Dylan Ayala Pro Model will be available this season in PreOrder fashion and select retailers as a 2025 model year release in late Summer. Reservations are being accepted for Dylan's first builds with ship date targets of mid-Summer. To place your name on the reservation list, and receive be one of the first to ride Dylan's newest Soulcraft Pro Model, select your size from the options below and submit your Reservation Order.

Reservations: Placing a reservation for Dylan's Pro Model add's your name to the first release list of boards.  Boards will be shipped in order of reservations taken mid-Summer.  Prior to entering your order, we will share Dylan's final design details to offer a no risk opportunity to approve the build and final pricing.  Any reservation fee taken will be applied to the total balance on the board and/or may be refunded if for some reason you decide to switch gears on the order.

Fitment Guide:

Board Size





Rider Height

5’0” - 5’4”

5’4” - 5’8”

5’8” - 6’0”

6’0” - 6’4”

Rider Weight (lbs.)

115 - 140 LBS.

140 - 175 LBS.

165 - 200 LBS.

200 - 235 LBS


Handcrafted in Oceanside, CA

Every Soulcraft is handcrafted by a team of authentic shapers, builders and artisans - not an overnight "designer".

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