Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code
Da Honu Cheat Code

Da Honu Cheat Code

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The Da Honu Cheat Code, is one of our longest standing shapes designed for speed, agility and great recovery. Now offered in our most innovative construction to date - Cheat Code adds boutique sourced carbon fiber and basalt, raising the bar in a fan favorite design. Da Honu's hard/sharp rail accelerates swiftly and tail pumping generates momentum. The wide thumb/round tail design enables rapid 360s and swift direction changes, with enhanced wake recovery and more volume. Adjusted nose rocker, fuller nose, and advanced base concave differentiate the Da Honu, enhancing speed and buoyancy for impressive airs. Cheat Code boards amplify our renown R-Series shapes, along with exclusive Soulcraft Carbon Fiber and Basalt materials that elevate a rider's energy, manage dampening, control flex and add a new level of durability for unparalleled fin-driven responsiveness.

  • Performance Focus: Novice - Intermediate
  • Nose: Traditional
  • Tail: Wide Thumb
  • Rail: Hard/Sharp for Speed
  • Rocker: Moderate
  • Fin Setup: Twin / Ultra Carbon
  • Deck Profile: Convex

  • Available Lengths: 4’3”-4’9” (Custom Dimensions Available)
  • Includes: Board / Traction / Ultra Carbon Fins
  • Soulcraft KF Pro Surf

    Board Size





    Rider Height

    5’4” - 5’8”

    5’8” - 6’0”

    5’10” - 6’2”

    6’0” - 6’6”

    Rider Weight (lbs.)

    140 - 175 LBS.

    165 - 200 LBS.

    200 - 235 LBS.

    235 - 255 LBS.


    Handcrafted in Oceanside, CA

    Every Soulcraft is handcrafted by a team of authentic shapers, builders and artisans - not an overnight "designer".

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