Introducing the Ultimate Wake Surf Board for Larger Riders - Soulcraft's XX-Series!

Are you tired of struggling to find a wake surf board that's designed to accommodate your larger size? Look no further! Soulcraft's XX-Series is the ultimate solution for riders who demand superior fitment without sacrificing performance.

Designed with the needs of larger riders in mind, Soulcraft's XX-Series boasts generous custom sizing and volumes that provide unmatched stability, buoyancy and performance behind the boat. This series incorporates our expert personalized fitting, making each build perfectly tuned to your individual details.

Handcrafted with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, Soulcraft's XX-Series features our high-quality construction with added strength that ensures the rider and board are uniquely matched based on the individual design brief. XX-Series models leverage our R-Series shaping techniques and can be optioned with advanced features, such as custom artwork and/or a quad fin setup to provide exceptional control and maneuverability for a thrilling ride. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, every Soulcraft XX-Series board is designed to make your wake surfing experience truly unforgettable.

Don't compromise on fitment and performance - choose a handcrafted Soulcraft XX-Series for the ultimate wake surf board designed specifically for you.

Lethal Weapon-XXR

Lethal Weapon-XXR features our R-Series performance concave deck, faster rails for speed generation and a quicker releasing tail design. This model delivers improved responsiveness and release that advanced riders seek out for ultimate performance, great feel and technical pedigree in competitive level surfing.

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SuperFang-XXR is a state-of-the-art design delivering reduced grip, unmatched foot control, and exceptional speed generation through its pump-driven design. Its innovative baby fang tail design ensures advanced release and stability, while the mid-size blunt nose volume makes it ideal for performing stable revert tricks.

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SuperFly-XXR is expertly crafted for advanced riders seeking to push their boundaries with a pump-driven design focus. Its maneuverability and tail-heavy surfing design, combined with modern deck enhancements, make it ideal for those looking to excel in rotational tricks and progress in advanced riding styles.

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Jam Master-XXR

Jam Master-XXR is a modern icon in wake surf, known for its ultra fast feeling and quickest releasing attitude. It's a game changer in board designs for riders who want to push their limits, offering smooth bottom turns, fast deep carving, and effortlessly cutting through choppy waters.

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Da Honu-XX

Da Honu-XX boasts a sharp rail for swift speed generation, a wide thumb tail design for easy release on 360's and quick direction changes, and advanced features such as adjusted nose rocker and base concave. Perfect for beginner to intermediate riders seeking top-notch performance and recovery.

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Voodoo-XX is renowned for its exceptional performance, offering speed, stability, and buoyancy that captivate XX riders. With a sharp rail for effortless speed generation, higher volume design for skill development, and confidence-inspiring recovery in the back of the wave, the Voodoo-XX delivers.

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