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Brynlee was born into a boating and wake surfing family - spending time together on their local lake wake surfing before she could even walk. The love for the sport was born with the joy that mom and dad enjoy and cherish with the family. 

Brynlee started surfing on her own in September, 2018 at the age of 4. Within a week Brynlee dropped the rope and experienced the rush of free surfing behind the boat for the first time. It was easy for Mom and Dad to see that Brynlee was hooked! In Fall of 2019, Brynlee competed in her first event, The Arizona Fall Qualifier where she placed 2nd in Junior Girls and 4th in Juniors Overall.

During her short time of wake surfing, Brynlee has met and made so many friendships and have experienced an incredible amount of support. She has so much to learn and love riding with lots of opportunity to progress. We’re so enthusiastic about welcoming Brynlee to the Soulcraft Family, and look forward to what lies ahead for her.

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