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Emily was born and raised in England and moved to Canada with family when she was 16. She never had the opportunity to try water sports until she moved to North America. In 2012 Emily was introduced to wake surfing and fell in love! In the fall of 2012 Jeff Wahlers got Emily to try one of his handcrafted performance wake surf boards.  From that day forward, Emily was hooked on Soulcraft - calling her board “the smile maker!” Shortly afterward, Jeff began to build Emily her very own model that has evolved over the years to the current iteration - the EM19.

Wake surfing has always been more than a hobby for Emily. It’s a passion that has helped her grow and develop into the inspirational and motivating person she is today. Her personal growth with wake surfing brought her closer to her parents and created many amazing relationships with friends along the way. No matter what happens in life, the sport will always hold a special place in Emily’s heart - as her involvement within the Soulcraft Family has provided for us. 

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