Evan Feierabend

Home Town

Fort Mill, South Carolina

Years Surfing



Men's Pro Surf

Current Board

Voodoo RPM

Favorite Trick

Double Grab Backside Big Spin


Evan’s introduction to wake surfing happened around April 2011. The sport was not well known on Lake Wylie and only a few people Evan knew wake surfed. By the beginning of 2012 Evan found himself hooked…he found his passion. Like many, Evan learned on a hand-me-down board, but soon realized he needed a higher quality board to be able to advance. Evan did a lot of research and started to keep up with The CWSA and the competitive riders. He noticed Soulcraft as a popular board brand that was consistently holding the podium over many others within the competitive circuit.  In Fall of 2013, Evan and Jeff started talking boards and boats.  At the time, Jeff had the same boat as Evan and was able to help fit a Soulcraft to further his progression.  Evan started riding a DaHonu and after training hard for a couple years, Evan joined the competitive wake circuit and placed 2nd in Amateur Male Surf at The World Wakesurf Championship. In 2017 Evan placed 2nd in Outlaw Male Surf and is now currently competing in the Pro Division.

Being a part of the Soulcraft Team has really allowed Evan to help others to learn about the sport and introduce more riders to the craftsmanship and performance of Soulcraft Wake Surf Boards.  Every year Evan trains hard and is amazed at how the sport progresses - fueling his fire to learn new tricks. The Soulcraft family has always been there for Evan and we’re looking forward to seeing Evan continue to push his riding.

Current Board

Voodoo RPM

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