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Jason Marsh

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Super AV

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Air 180


Jason Marsh first tried wake surfing on a demo for a G23. Without plans to surf on the demo Jason was caught off guard when he was asked if he wanted to try it out.  Jason dove in head first and boom! — first try was up and surfing. Now into his 4th boat and actively competing in the sport, Jason’s unique style comes from his roots skateboarding, but Jason is also an ocean person who loves adventure and the thrill the open water offers.

As a competitive athlete, Jason compete’s in the Outlaw Division and rides the Soulcraft SAV and Secret Weapon.  If asked what his favorite trick is, Jason would quickly reply - “Shifty Air. It’s fun and you can combo it into more tricks.” For the past 3 years, Jason has qualified for World’s and plans to continue surfing for years to come. “The sport is ever-changing and filled with excitement, changing me for the better.” We’re honored to have Jason as an integral part of the Soulcraft Family and look forward to seeing him represent the sport and stand on podium for years to come.

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