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Keenan has been a competitive wake surfer for 15 years and has earned 8x World Titles along the way between the Pro Men Skim and Pro Men Surf divisions. Keenan was born and raised in Deerfield Beach, FL where he once again resides after graduating from University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. Keenan’s local spot to ride is a hidden gem called Crystal Lake in Pompano Beach, FL. Crystal lake is home to Dean Lavelle’s wake school where Keenan grew up training and still rides today.

He’s always loved to surf in the ocean and was into wakeboarding when he was younger, so when he tried wake surfing it was a natural fit. When Keenan began wake surfing, competitions were very limited during the first couple years. Since then, it’s been a life changing experience for Keenan to be involved with the growth of the sport. He has had the opportunity to travel the world, making lots of new friends and unbelievable memories along the way. Keenan adds “I have always been into in designing my own boards and I think in the long run it has made me a better rider and a better coach. I see Soulcraft as the best fit for me because they are known as the elite custom wake surf company and are the most capable of helping me continue to innovate new board designs for everyone to enjoy!”

Keenan currently rides the S-Series KF Pro Skim and the R-Series KF Pro Surf. The new A-Series KF Pro surf features a sharper rail all the way to the nose as well as some additional nose rocker to make the board more user friendly for any level rider.

When Keenan isn’t wakesurfing you can usually find him out in the ocean fishing or surfing. Keenan also does quite a bit of wakesurf coaching and works part time at his father’s Flooring company.

Current Board

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