Leah Nunnelee

Home Town

Boise, ID

Years Surfing


Current Board


Favorite Trick

Air 180 to 360


Idaho Water Sports


Surfing for 5 years in Boise, ID Leah recently made the switch from the EM to the new SuperFang with rave reviews. While she's not a competetive rider by nature, Leah shreds hard and just as strong with a renown presence on her home lakes - Lucky Peak and Lake Lowell.

A hardcore surfer and watersports addict, Leah has ridden behind almost all of the wake boat brands (courtesy of her local sponsor and Soulcraft Dealer - Idaho Water Sports). She used to see this as a detriment to progressing, but it has proved differently and resulted in making her a much more well rounded rider that’s able to adapt to changing conditions and varying wave styles. While myLeah's focus isn’t on competing, every time she sees the up and coming Groms throwing down or pushing themselves even harder, it ignites that competitiveness and results in even more progression - learning a few new tricks each season. 2022 has Leah targeting her FS180 to shuv out and the alley oop.

Water sports have introduced Leah to many lifelong friends and connections - traveling to many destinations, giving her more opportunities than ever imagined. Soulcraft will always be home for Leah - her comfort in surf, her roots, and her surf family. 

Current Board


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