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Leah  grew up around the lake, mainly Lake Powell and Lucky Peak and was introduced to wake surfing about 4 years ago by Jimmi and Kaley Sparling (which at the time Leah had no idea she was learning from two pros that were part of the SC team and family). Following that introduction, Leah continued progressing her surfing and became so passionate about it she found herself on the lake at least 4-5 days a week, surfing all the way through the Thanksgiving holidays most years - and in IDAHO! brrrrr!!! 

When Leah began, she started on a skim board and after the first year surfing/skimming, she made the switch to surf style and never looked back. Fast forward a year after her switch… Kaley saw a spark in Leah after riding her Soulcraft and got her on her first custom built Soulcraft. Leah’s skills improved dramatically with the switch from her original mass produced board. After that Leah never rode another surf brand and continued to build her Soulcraft quiver to match her skill progression. One notable aspect during Leah’s riding was that she was learning skills behind multiple boats with varying wave styles.  This made it challenging and rewarding at the same time for Leah, but ultimately made her a better surfer that could adapt to changing conditions. 

For 2020, Leah has goals to improve her consistency with her air 180’s, nail that air reverse and progress riding heel side to open up new tricks. Both Soulcraft, her husband and Idaho Water Sports have been a HUGE part in accelerating Leah’s progression and love for the sport.  We’re stoked to have Leah join our Soulcraft family (even though she’s been a member for many years) and look forward to the future helping her accomplish great things in wake surfing.

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