Nate Cherry

Home Town

San Diego/Lake Tahoe, CA

Years Surfing



Men's Outlaw Skim

Current Board

Kraken / Cali

Nate was born and raised in San Diego and grew up surfing in the ocean regularly as well as a 3 event waterskiing. He spent his time training for slalom trick and jump and being part of his high school surf team. Nate enjoys being on the water in any capacity wether it be bare-footing or kneeboarding. In his younger years he would get to wakesurf behind an old listed Malibu which he loved. In 2016 his family purchased a G23 for Lake Tahoe which is when his wakesurfing took off. Now Nate is getting into the competitive side of surfing and competed in an online CWSA event and is the current Open Men Masters Wakesurf Champion. Currently living in Orlando Florida attending Rollins College he gets the ability to train wakesurfing and waterskiing all year round. Nate has taken a love to surfing but still loves representing Rollins College waterski team each year. 

Current Board

Cali Skim

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