Nate Metzler

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Goshen, IN

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Men’s Amateur

Current Board

Control Freak

Favorite Trick


Nate grew up on Long Lake in Union, MI slalom water skiing competitively from age 9 years old. At age 14, Nate decided to switch gears to wakeboarding where he began throwing down bigger tricks and charging the wake more aggressively. Fast forward to 2013 when the local Nautique dealer asked if I had ever tried wakesurfing. He went out on a demo and has never looked back! In 2021, Nate got on his first Soulcraft and found the boards have totally changed the game for his surfing. Being focused on wake style tricks on a hybrid skim board - Nate found Surf Style riding to offer more diversity and amplitude to get above the wave and have fun doing way more tricks! Nate entered his first organized competition in 2021 and loved it. He’s targeting to participate in several competitions in 2022 and we’re stoked to see how he progresses his riding style on the Soulcraft team.

Current Board

Control Freak

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