Reece Johnson

Home Town

Stillwell, Kansas

Years Surfing



Outlaw Women's Surf

Current Board


Favorite Trick

Air Reverse


Reece was born into a water sports loving family. At the age of 10 she decided to give it a go after years of just watching her parents surf. Then and there she discovered her love and passion for surfing! 

Fast forward three years, Reece decided that she wanted to step up her surfing. Around the end of the summer of 2019 her family got a new boat and 2 Soulcraft boards. (Her dad had been wanting to try them for years).  Reece’s first ride on a Soulcraft board was pure joy. She went from doing little ollies in the flats to big airs with lots of power. As Reece continued to progress, her aggressive style began to flow. Surfing is her passion, and she’s determined to achieve all her goals within the sport. With the help and support of the soulcraft team, she knows that she can make all her dreams possible! 

Reece’s focus for the 2022 season is to go into her competitions strong, continue landing new tricks, and spread her faith and love of the water to everyone she can. With her passion, dedication, and help from the Soulcraft family, she is poised to make it to the World WakeSurf Championships. 

Current Board


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