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Reece was born into a water sports loving family and grew up watching her parents surf. At age 10 Reece decided it was time to give it a shot for herself and before she knew it - she was hooked.  Surfing became her passion!

Fast forward three years and Reece focused on progressing her riding behind the family’s new Tige. The energy from the wave was just right, and at the same time she got her first Soulcraft. Reece went from doing little ollies in the flats to boosting airs with power. Now she’s progressing her style and working on reaching for even bigger airs. Surfing has quickly become her passion, and she’s determined to achieve all her dreams within the sport.

Reece’s main focus for the 2020 season is to go into her competitions strong and continue landing new tricks. With her passion and dedication, Reece is poised to crush her goals and make it to the World Wake Surf Competition.  We have a pretty good idea that she’ll be invited sooner than she thinks.

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