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Ride Guide

Performance Attributes and Fitment Recommendations

Designed to Perform, Built to Win

More than a pretty face - performance board design defines whether a board is a winner or just another board that lays down when the pressure is on.  Soulcraft designs boards to win surf comps and elevate a rider's skillset to new heights. In this Ride Guide, you'll begin to understand the basic building blocks of performance surf craft/board design.

Nose Tail and Design

01. Rocker

Nose and Tail Design

02. Rail

Profile and Outline

Base and Deck

03. Concave

Base and Deck

04. Fins

Twins and Quads

Fin types

Fitment and Sizing

Board Fitment and Sizing

80-130 lbs. / 5'2"-5'6"

Smaller riders who have a narrower stance width and lighter weight range find confidence with the performance of a smaller volume and shorter length.

Board Fitment and Sizing

130-200 lbs. / 5'6"-6'2"

Middle weight riders who ride with an average stance width and complimentary weight excel in this range of volumes and lengths.

Board Fitment and Sizing

210-260 lbs. / 6'2"-6'6"

Patriarch riders who require large stance widths and matching weight find added buoyancy from our larger volumes and lengths.