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Turner “T-Dog” is 12 years old, with a strong appetite for learning new tricks and progressing toward his goal of becoming a professional wake surfer. With his drive and motivation, T-Dog qualified two years in a row for the World Wake Surfing Championship in the Junior division. At the 2018 World Championship, Turner placed 3rd and finished 4th in 2019 at the same event. In 2020 he advanced to the Amateur Men’s Surf Division and placed 1st in his debut Amateur competition at the Arizona Fall Qualifier.

Turner says, “Soulcraft boards and team members have been a vital component in my success and progression. The performance and responsiveness the boards offer has elevated my surfing. Soulcraft boards are light and are designed for the ultimate ride.”  

His work with Coach, and Soulcraft Team Rider, Angie Viland deserves much of the credit for mentoring T-Dog and focusing his growth as a competitive athlete. Turner describes Angie as “an amazing instructor” who has helped him progress his riding year after year.

“To be part of the Soulcraft Team is a game changer,” says Turner, who is ecstatic to ride the best wake surf board in the world and compete for the World title.  We’re equally excited to help support T-Dog rack his goals and include him in the Soulcraft Family.

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